STUDIO 47 in Metropolis M / 11.11. - 10.12.2016: Polly's Playground @ Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn

Original Habitat



Website Original habitat

Html, Google Street View, digital collage

Commissioned work for the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam on the occasion of Museumsnacht 2016, curated by Vincent van Velsen.

'Original habitat' takes the painting 'Flowering Plum Tree (after Hiroshige)' from 1887 by Vincent van Gogh back to the environment that inspired Hiroshige’s original painting 'Plum Tree Teahouse at Kameido' (1857). Accompanied by the singing of the Japanese Bush Warbler bird and with help of Google Streetview 'Original habitat' invites the viewer to a virtual walk through the plum tree fields of the Kairaku-en Park in Mito, Japan.

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Details taken from screenshots of online museum catalogues which are not allowed to show reproductions of artworks from their own collections due to copyright limitations. Commissioned work for the 100th issue of the Dutch Art Magazine Tubelight. With interview.

Rythme sans fin


Mixed media

Series of case studies that investigate issues around legacy and copyright in digital age.

Website including the research here

Images: Kunsthalle Basel, courtesy of Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt, photos by Nici Jost.

BANNERs - Online Catalogue



Catalogue accompanying the installation BANNERs - 8 artworks and the corporate logos of their respective owners.

Part of the ongoing research "The Precedent Cases".



digital paintings

8 artworks and the corporate logos of their respective owners.

Series of physical and digital Logo-Reproductions of artworks that are the most representative pieces in the corporate art collection they belong to. A Logo-Reproduction is a technique developed by C.Manz that uses the corporate logo of a respective artwork owner as a digital brush. The reproductions are made on the occasion of the exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Netherlands Association of Corporate Art Collections – VBCN. Presented both on wall-filling advertising banners and a website, the BANNERs were juxtaposed with the original artworks that served as their models. The work is based on statistics made by the winners of the VBCN Open Curatorenprijs, Alix de Massiac and Vincent van Velsen. The exhibition united the most representative and the most exceptional art works from 29 Dutch corporate art collections. Exhibition views showing "Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken: Jeroen Henneman - Koningin Beatrix" and "AMC: Wouter van Riessen - Narcissen" made by Konstantin Guz.

Part of the ongoing research "The Precedent Cases".

Studio 47 Press


Publishing Platform

STUDIO 47 PRESS is the publishing platform of STUDIO 47. The publisher’s program solely consists of works that are the result of an artistic appropriative practise. The publications are printed in small editions and available as free PDFs on studio-47.org/press.

Studio 47



STUDIO 47 is a collective reflection on property and ownership in digital age initiated by Céline Manz. The studio’s activities are complemented on the website studio-47.org. For information on the program please contact us here

STUDIO 47 originates from a coalition with the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Foam and De Appel and is part of the 3Package Deal, a program supported by the AFK and Bureau Broedplaatsen Amsterdam.

Hungry for Love - The Exhibition



Free download of the full publication.

Collaboration with Xavier Fernandez Fuentes.




Digital collage

Commissioned work for the Dutch Art Magazine Metropolis M for the issue Nr 3 2014 - Summer of Love & Hate: Tribute to Ed van der Elsken.

After Ed van der Elsken's 'Beethovenstraat 1967'

Courtesy of Metropolis M

Hungry for love



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In collaboration with Xavier Fernandez Fuentes .

"What, they seem to be asking, can one do after all has been displayed, when provocation becomes conformist? Sisley’s milk-fed version of porno chic may just lead the way out of the rut and into a new season. It’s got all the subversion, with ironic, wholesome, goodness to boot" - M.K.Hoffman on Sisley's 2001 campaign 'Hungry for love' shot by Mr. Richardson.



Digital Collages

"Terry's a really cool guy. There's something very beautiful, very raw about it and I'm glad that there is a photographer out there that does work like that." — Noot Seear, Model

44 ColorWave poster prints in DIN A1

Nominated for the Gerrit Rietveld Award in Fine Arts 2013

Art - Das Kunstmagazin: Interview 06.05.2014

The Appropriator's User Guide



Limited edition, 25 copies.
Thesis, Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam. Practical tips when working with appropriated images, including an introduction on copyright, frequently asked questions about the notions of “copy” and “originality”, a chapter with case studies, a checklist and a list with further links.
Click here for the thesis essay "What do you know about art, you're not a lawyer".

Aude Debout, graphic designer, and Annelies Lesuis, lawyer specialized in copyright.

1 hour 28 minutes


Video performance

1 hour 28 minutes 04 seconds of clapping, webcam performance.

Video and audio installation.

The Vanity Collection



Three photographs a day, all uploaded before midnight, dealing with the double meaning of the french word "vanité" (meaning both vanity and vanitas). As the capacity of free websites is limited, the project ended the day no further pages could be added.
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